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Doctor Luke Sampson: Charting a Course for Excellence at Quro Medical

In the dynamic landscape of digital health company, Quro Medical, Dr Luke Sampson has emerged as a collaborative figure, steering the clinical team towards new heights of excellence. As Chief Medical Officer since September 2023, Dr Sampson has not only presided over a team of skilled doctors, clinical associates, nurses, clinical administrators and pharmacists but has also instilled a spirit of cohesion and teamwork within Quro Medical's Command Centre and Clinical Team.

Annual UCT Bongani Mayosi Memorial Lecture

The Faculty of Health Sciences, in partnership with the Bongani Mayosi Foundation, hosted the Annual UCT Bongani Mayosi Memorial Lecture on Friday, 26 January 2024, titled "Innovating on Solid Ground - Bridging Science, Entrepreneurship, and Community for Healthcare Advancement." The lecture was presented by Dr Vuyane Mhlomi, a UCT graduate and healthcare entrepreneur. The legacy of Bongani Mayosi will continue to have a long-term impact on the aspirations and success of African health sciences students, academics and researchers.

KNDT interview with Dr Vuyani Mhlomi on the Professor Bongani Mayosi Memorial Lecture 2024

Dr Vuyani discusses the theme around this years’ Professor Bongani Mayosi Memorial Lecture focus on bridging the gap between science, entrepreneurship and community involvement in healthcare advancement.

Quro Medical’s AI capability could be a lifesaver

Quro Medical’s Hospital-at-Home (HaH) solution, which delivers hospital-level care to patients at home, has artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities built-in for enhanced patient care. The AI capabilities within the Quro Medical HaH solution provide preliminary data that helps save lives.

Hot startup of the month: South Africa's Quro Medical

The African digital health market comprises a large scope of technologies that range from telemedicine and health apps to connected wearable devices. The shift toward healthier lifestyles and the use of the Internet and smartphones has further sparked the increased growth in this market.

Mineworkers invest in digital healthcare startup

Quro Medical has raised a R25-million investment from the Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC), through its venture capital initiative, Khulisani Ventures.

SA e-health startup Quro Medical raises $1.3m funding from Mineworkers Investment Company

Quro has now secured investment from the Johannesburg-based MIC, a 100% Black-owned Investment Company established in 1995 by the Mineworkers Investment Trust.

How Quro Medical Aims To Pioneer Africa's First and Largest Virtual Hospital

Aiming to pioneer Africa’s first and largest virtual hospital, Quro Medical brings a technology-enabled medical centre right into your home that uses technology for the greater good and making healthcare that much more accessible.

Hospital-at-Home service revolutionises global healthcare

Home care services in South Africa are showing greater adoption by medical aids and the entire medical fraternity as a valuable measure to cut costs and reduce pressure on busy doctors, hospitals, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Quro Medical releases mobile app for doctors

Digital health technology company, Quro Medical (Quro), has released a new mobile application for doctors to enhance efficiency and promote greater care in the treatment of their patients on the Quro Hospital-at-Home programme.

Quro Medical joins forces with Operation Healing Hands to bring public sector relief

The recent partnership serves Quro Medical's vision of a shared solutions approach to local healthcare.

Consumers pay 50% less for hospital-level care

Quro Medical's hospital-at-home solution cuts hospital-level care costs for consumers by up to half compared to regular hospital admission costs.

Quro Medical solution address costly medical care.

Digital health tech start-up, Quro Medical's innovative offerings is an answer to relieving an overburdened healthcare system and addressing the issue of costly medical care.

Quro Medical solution a possible answer to NHI funding.

Access to quality healthcare is an ongoing challenge owing to rising costs and limited capacity and resources on a backdrop of a growing burden of disease and an ailing healthcare system.

Healthtech brings hospital care home

It seems obvious that the best place to receive care, from the patient's point of view, is their own homes – this started Quro Medical’s quest to develop the technology and resources to provide just

How this health tech start-up is disrupting traditional healthcare delivery in South Africa.

Quro Medical, a digital health tech start-up based in South Africa is brining an innovative solutions to relieving an overburdened healthcare system by providing hospital-level care for patients without them needing to leave home.

How tech injects new life to the health sector in South Africa.

Health tech startups in South Africa are helping patients get the care they need without ever leaving home.

South Africa’s Quro Medical comes out of stealth with $1.1M to expand its hospital-at-home service.

For a continent with such stark inequality, Africa has seen limited innovation to increase access to healthcare and reduce healthcare delivery costs.

Quro Medical, the South African startup pioneering hospital-at-home services, has raised a $1.1m seed round.

South African digital healthcare startup, Quro Medical, has just secured $1.1 million in seed funding. This round was led by Kenyan and South African venture capitalist firms Enza Capital and Mohau Equity Partners.

DH Connected Care at Home

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a focus on shifting to innovative, alternative, new models of care delivery. This includes online consultations and home-based care, equivalent to an in- hospital setting for selected patients.

Quro Medical is proud to announce an investment from Life Healthcare to further drive their mission of leveraging technology to improve the well-being of others.

Life Healthcare has invested in Quro Medical (a digital health start-up) to offer technology-enabled care for persons needing medical care at home.

Home health care the right medicine for East Cape company

Service launched during pandemic takes pressure off hospitals

Quro Medical launches South Africa’s first reimbursable technology-enabled hospital-at-home offering with Medscheme.

Quro Medical is proud to announce its new partnership with Medscheme, South Africa’s largest administrator of medical aid schemes, which looks after 3,5 million lives.

Quro Medical partners with MTN to deliver an innovative & affordable technology-enabled healthcare solution for South Africa.

Quro Medical is proud to announce its partnership with MTN, South Africa’s best mobile network* to deliver South Africa’s first technology-enabled Hospital-at-Home solution.

Digital Health startup, Quro Medical, secures $1.1 M in seed funding in its latest investment led by Enza Capital and Mohau Equity Partners

Quro Medical, a pioneering South African digital health startup, is emerging from stealth mode to announce the closure of its seed funding round led by Enza Capital and Mohau Equity Partners.

Young EC legal eagle graduates from Harvard Law School

An Eastern Cape attorney has graduated with an LLM from the renowned Harvard Law School. Zikho Pali is now doing groundbreaking work as the co-founder and vice-president of Quro Medical.

Dr Vuyane Mhlomi is helping patients receive treatment from the comfort of their own homes

From Khayelitsha to Oxford and back to Cape Town, Dr Vuyane Mhlomi’s journey has been one of resilience and a desire to make healthcare accessible for everyone

The man who dared to dream

The doctor who was accepted to the renowned Oxford University proves that greatness can come from anyone, you just need to believe!

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