Quro Medical releases mobile app for doctors

Digital health technology company, Quro Medical (Quro), has released a new mobile application for doctors to enhance efficiency and promote greater care in the treatment of their patients on the Quro Hospital-at-Home programme.

Says Joost Pielage, Quro Medical CTO: “The app was envisioned to become a reality right from the start when we developed the Hospital-at-Home solution and the web interface. Because of that, we were able to rapidly develop and deploy the mobile app version in a short time frame.

It took Quro's in-house technology team only a few weeks to develop and release a fully functional and integrated mobile application, which officially went live for download on the Apple IOS and Android app stores in October 2022.

Pielage credits the talented developers and their mobile app knowledge and capability in the company's in-house tech team for the impressive turn-around time in the development of the mobile application and the app going live.

“We know that doctors are very busy and not necessarily desk-bound and need access to their patients' vital information in near-real time wherever they are. For this reason, we developed the mobile application. Because we also know the irritation that people experience when they are used to the functionality offered by the web application and when using the mobile application, half of the functionality is lacking, we release new updates weekly, which we know doctors will appreciate,” Pielage notes.

The mobile app is basically a carbon copy of the enhanced Hospital-at-Home web application, and everything that you can do on the website interface you can do on the app on your phone or tablet device.

“The mobile app is an enhancement to the Quro Medical Hospital-at-Home capabilities, with expanded functionalities and ease of access for patient care, anywhere and anytime,” he adds.

The compatibility between the web and mobile applications enables Quro to release updated versions across all platforms; therefore, doctors can trust that they are using the latest version whether accessing their patient data on the mobile app or web interface.

He also notes that the quick approvals of Apple and Android of the app updates, which take approximately three days/less than a week, assist greatly with the company being able to release new versions so quickly.

Doctors will value the functionality of the mobile app while on the move. They can enter clinical notes and receive visual clinical information made by other clinical professionals in real time. Moreover, they can monitor their patient's vital signs, including heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, respiratory rate and core body temperature, and oxygen and sugar levels through the mobile app.

According to Pielage, when there is a sudden change in a patient's vital health data, the Quro system alerts the Quro command centre, which immediately informs the in- care clinical team to mobilise early intervention, all in real-time, 24/7. If needed, the doctor will be notified immediately and via the app.

The mobile app also allows doctors and the Quro Medical care team to have on- demand or scheduled video consultations with their patients.

“When our users speak to us, we listen. We are proud to be able to offer our doctors cutting-edge technology that truly enhances their patient care,” Pielage concludes.

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