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Enjoy quality hospital-level care
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We reduce healthcare costs by 50%. Lower risk of secondary infections. For a quicker, happier recovery.

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  • Patients

    Healing at home has shown to have far better clinical outcomes. You’re at lower risk of exposure to secondary infections and able to be more mobile from home – directly linked to a quicker recovery. This also allows patients to get direct support from their loved ones.

  • Medical Schemes

    Our Quro services are now covered by most hospital plan benefits, with a shorter duration of treatment needed for patients. This means much more affordable access with better patient outcomes.

  • Hospital Groups

    Quro services help reduce the burden placed on already strained healthcare resources including hospital beds and access to onsite healthcare workers. Patients who need to be in a hospital ICU or high care setting then have the necessary resources that may otherwise have been strained.

  • Doctors – GPs

    GPs are able to play more of a role in their patient’s treatment. Traditionally GPs would refer their patient to a specialist, and hand over care, but with the Quro model, doctors able to be fully involved (and remunerated) through their treatment plan.

  • Doctors – Specialists

    Specialist physicians are able to have patients in hospital for shorter stays before moving to HAH and surgeons are able to continue treating patients post-surgical discharge. This model allows specialists to continue to play a role in their patient’s recovery.

We know that when our patients need us, they won’t be feeling their best.
That’s why we’re here to offer support and help with the quickest possible recovery.

How we support you:

We have a range of healthcare services to choose from, depending on your health requirements and the level of support and care you need from our medical team.

Our home-based healthcare services are available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and surrounding areas, as well as Port Elizabeth/Gqeberha, Durban, Bloemfontein and surrounding areas.

Remote Patient Monitoring

If you choose our monitoring services, you get access to our telematic technology to constantly monitor your health with minimal clinical support needed:

  • We support patients for ±5 days with this option

  • You get dedicated 24/7 virtual vital signs monitoring

  • We arrange virtual visits to check in on you

  • Continuous care is offered by either your doctor or one of ours

  • Short-term home oxygen is provided if needed

  • Ambulance services are on call for complete peace of mind

Most Popular


70% of our patients choose this plan:
This is our more active clinical offering. In addition to all the services in Remote Patient Monitoring, patients get:

  • Daily visits for 3 days, or more frequently where needed

  • Blood tests

  • Wound dressings

  • Medication and any fluids needed, administered via a drip

  • Access to allied healthcare services, including Physiotherapy

Quro Medical’s innovation has earned the recognition, trust, and support of several leading global organisations.
Join us in creating the healthcare system that Africa needs.

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